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What is Computer Computer Kya hai

What is Computer Computer Kya hai ?

computer kya hota hai … computer ki hunda a .. computer ki basic knowledge

What is Computer : Computer is an electronic device that is designed to work with Information. The term computer is derived from the Latin termcomputare’, this means tocalculate or programmable machine. Computer can not do anything without a Program. It represents the decimal numbers through a string of binary digits. The Word ‘Computer’ usually refers to the Center Processor Unit plus Internal memory.

What is Computer Computer Kya hai ?

Charles Babbage is called the “Grand Father” of the computer. The First mechanical computer designed by Charles Babbage was calledAnalytical Engine. It uses read-only memory in the form of punch cards.

Computer is an advanced electronic device that takes raw data as input from the user and processes these data under the control of set of instructions (called program) and gives the result (output) and saves output for the future use. It can process both numerical and non-numerical (arithmetic and logical) calculations.


Digital Computer Definition

The basic components of a modern digital computer are: Input Device, Output Device, Central Processor Unit (CPU), mass storage device and memory. A Typical modern computer uses LSI Chips.  Four Functions about computer are:

What is Computer Computer Kya hai ?

ours life nothing without computer … computer kya hota hai jane hindi me // computer ki cheej a .. computer kisnu kehnde ne … computer kya hota hai jane hindi me

accepts data Input
processes data Processing
produces output Output
stores results Storage

Input (Data):

Input is the raw information entered into a computer from the input devices. It is the collection of letters, numbers, images etc.


Process is the operation of data as per given instruction. It is totally internal process of the computer system.


Output is the processed data given by computer after data processing. Output is also called as Result. We can save these results in the storage devices for the future use.

Computer Classification: By Size and Power

Computers differ based on their data processing abilities. They are classified according to purpose, data handling and functionality.

According to functionality, computers are classified as:

• Analog Computer: A computer that represents numbers by some continuously variable physical quantity, whose variations mimic the properties of some system being modeled.

• Personal computer: A personal computer is a computer small and low cost. The termpersonal computer” is used to describe desktop computers (desktops).

• Workstation: A terminal or desktop computer in a network. In this context, workstation is just a generic term for a user’s machine (client machine) in contrast to a “server” or “mainframe.”

• Minicomputer: A minicomputer isn’t very mini. At least, not in the way most of us think of mini. You know how big your personal computer is and its related family.

• Mainframe: It refers to the kind of large computer that runs an entire corporation.

• Supercomputer: It is the biggest, fastest, and most expensive computers on earth.

Microcomputer: Your personal computer is a microcomputer.

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Computer Kya Hota hai ! Hamare liye English Me jaanna Bohut Jaroori Hai … So I think today Aaj Aap Ne Seekh liya Computer Kya Hota hai …

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