how to use google keyword planner tool for seo post

How To Use Google Keyword Planner Tool For seo post 

planner tool is very important for your seo post ,toady i want share with you for seo post as you know my all friends hindimeseekhna is best site for all blogger,learned necessary.toady i think blogger is all know Blogging or SEO blog you have read already now, I’m sure for,Google Keyword planner tool, (previously Keyword Tool) as u know  and “planner tool” are not a new term for you.  i think some blogger ignore for seo all tip , if you missing out the basic of any Blog SEO.then read of all post hindimeseekhna for google planner tool so read more :

Now talk for blogging seo :-  All blogger you already know for some  about seo tips but today i some best tips i want share with you  blogging is a vry important for you blogging has evolved from just quality content to seo optimized  social content  if you want hight tarffic for your blog  ,then you will need for all the seo post 

what is google keyword planner and why shoul use it ?
i ‘ ll tell you in ordinary language, Keyword research is the process of identifying Keywords, which get the good amount of search volume and month. For example, Keyword Keyword Spy Website SEO optimization tips and so,for us aboust google adwords  need to know for exmp:- google keyword tools is vry important for blogger and for your tarffic increase.if u want hight tarffic on blog,as u know The idea behind performing a research is to, find the keywords that can give maximum traffic and comes with less competition.blogger best pluggin for seo, see more pic for seo tips read bloew,


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if you want new word find for seo post then read my all best tips here very important for your seo post 
1. select ur product service for emxp i did search on wordpress seo pluggin 
2. you can see below search result 
3 note my dear you can select keywords for you seo post here .

 search for new keyword and ad group idea 
1.  fill in  backlink  on the fast box 
2. second box enter ur post url 
3 selct ur product 
4,then same to same  all step  see above on the pic 
5. next get idea press button 
note down below
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